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Oct 28, 2018

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Cat, Kellyn, Shelby & Ellie | Christopher Newport University

Where do I even begin with these 4?! They are dear friends and I’m so thankful I got to take their senior portraits this past April! In college, I got placed as a Young Life leader at York High School, which is where I met Cat when she was a junior. When she decided to come to CNU, I couldn’t have been more excited! I remember meeting Kellyn when she came down to visit CNU while she was still in high school. When my roommates and I heard that both Cat and Kellyn would be coming to CNU in the fall of 2014, we could not wait! Cat and Shelby were freshmen roommates and so were Kellyn and Ellie, and the four of them became fast friends. They were at our apartment almost everyday of their freshmen year and it was the absolute best!

I have some of the best memories with them and it has been so fun to watch them grow. I’ve told them before, but what they have is so special. They are bold and fun. They are dreamers and game changers. They love each other well and others know Jesus better because of them. They are all killing it post grad and I’m so excited for all the future has for them!

It was hard to narrow these down, but enjoy my favorites!

It was just a little bit windy!

SHELBY! Are you kidding me?!

Cat – this is my favorite of you!! You are stunning! (and she just got engaged and is going to make the most beautiful bride!!)

Did we make Ellie teach us cheers and dances in college? Maybe…

2 sets of roommates since freshmen year!

Climbing this wall in heels…commitment!

You know I was loving this golden hour!!

Ahh! Ellie!

Shelby wore her mom’s sweater from high school – so sweet!

That picture on the left….ya’ll are glowing – literally!

Power outfit

You’re a beauty Kellyn!

Some of the most fashionable girls I know!

That feeling when you’re done with homework forever!

Their adorable house they got to live in together senior year that was a home to many!

I love ya’ll lots!

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