Sandbridge Engagement Session | Jacob + Steph


Feb 15, 2019

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This blog post is long overdue, but has to be one of my favorite sessions so far! Steph and Jacob are dear friends and I am so excited for them in this season! Jacob and I met our freshmen year at CNU, and his roommates and my roommates were best friends. We all have some of the best memories together! After Steph graduated college, she moved to the CNU area during our senior year to pursue teaching and live closer to some of her best friends who were on staff with Young Life at CNU (and quickly became some of my best friends!). Steph and I became fast friends and I’m so glad she moved down to Newport News! She would spend a lot of time with me and my roommates at our house, which naturally meant she ran in the same circle as our guy friends.

It wasn’t until after Jacob and I graduated, that two of my friends reached out to me separately that we should set the two of them up. Jacob asked Steph to go on a date, they spent hours that night talking, and the rest is history! Since I met Steph, she had been patiently waiting and praying for her future husband, and that’s what makes their story so special! They are getting married in August and I can’t wait to be a part of their day as a bridesmaid!

Steph and Jacob, I love getting to celebrate this season with you both!  I can’t get over how happy you both are in these photos – your joy is contagious! Love you both!!

We got to hang out in Virginia Beach this past August for their engagement session and had the best time. This August they’ll be tying the knot! Enjoy so many of my favorites!

Jacob’s smile!!

Friends that trust your crazy ideas and go along with them – the best!

Steph, you are going to make the most beautiful bride!

S0 dreamy!!


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